【正规葡萄京娱乐场网站】谁是适合76人的第三巨头? 保罗领衔五大球星

  In last year's offseason, the Philadelphia 76ers heavily introduced Horford and renewed Harris with a high salary. However, in the past season, the 76ers' record obviously did not satisfy the fans. Therefore, the US media also listed the top five candidates for Embiid and Simmons. Paul and Holiday are all listed. So can they help the 76ers win the championship?





   In the eyes of the US media, the 76ers need a shooting guard who can create opportunities for himself and can play very well under the pass of Ben Simmons, so Oladipo is a good candidate.


However, for the current Oladipo, after suffering from injuries, it remains to be confirmed that he is able to return to the previous state. If Oladipo’s state cannot return to the past, then this deal will affect 76 It was a bad decision for people. Therefore, if the 76ers want to get him, they must accept his injury and allow him a period of time to recover.




   American media believe that Paul has proved himself in the Thunder last season, and he has also been in some very good teams. More importantly, because the Thunder now hopes to be able to trade Paul, and at the same time considering Paul's high salary and his age, his transaction is actually better to promote and complete.


   You need to know that if this deal does happen, then the 76ers will become a strong contender in the East, and the 76ers' backcourt will be qualitatively improved.





In the past few seasons, CJ McCollum has averaged 20+ points per game. Therefore, if CJ can come to the 76ers, then CJ will give the 76ers more help in scoring. .

在过去的几个赛季中,CJ McCollum平均每场得分超过20分。因此,如果CJ可以参加76人,那么CJ将为76人提供更多的得分帮助。 。

   Plus, judging from the performance of the last few seasons, the Blazers' launch may also be the Western Conference Finals. If the team wants to change, then they may open the trade button.


   It is worth mentioning that in this trade, Sebull is a key player. He is expected to become a top defender and can rely on shooting to open up space. Therefore, if the 76ers aim at CJ, they can use Sabre to open negotiations.






   You know, before the injury, John Wall was an All-Star player. In his prime, he can easily cast a double-double on points and assists, and can also use his offensive threat to create open three-pointers for teammates. In the 2018-2019 season, he averaged 4.1 shots per game, made 37% of his three-pointers, and performed well beyond the three-point line. At the same time, he can easily get double-doubles on the court and create opportunities for teammates.

您知道,在受伤之前,约翰·沃尔(John Wall)是一名全明星球员。在他的巅峰时期,他可以轻松地在得分和助攻上取得双打,也可以利用他的进攻威胁为队友创造三分球。在2018-2019赛季,他场均贡献4.1次投篮命中率,三分球命中率达到37%,并且表现远远超过三分线。同时,他可以轻松地在场上获得双打并为队友创造机会。

   Therefore, the 76ers can use Harris as a bargaining chip to get Wall, but if they want to put the "treasure" on whether Wall can return to the previous level after recovering from injury, it will still be difficult.




  Actually, Holiday’s visit to the 76ers does not seem so foolish. The US media believes that the Pelicans are building a team around Zion. Therefore, Holiday is not as important to the current Pelicans as before. However, for the 76ers, Holiday is an offensive and defensive all-around guard, he can share the pressure of Simmons's defensive end, but also has a good long-range shooting ability, which can also make up for Simmons' shortcomings.


   In addition, Holiday is also an energetic young man with talent. Therefore, together with Simmons and Embiid, he may be able to produce unexpected “sparks”.